Tesla reduced autopilot developers, the algorithm learned to play Minecraft and other news from the world of AI

We strive to inform readers not only about events in the Bitcoin industry, but also to talk about what is happening in related technological spheres-cybersecurity in the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forklog Ai has collected the most important news from the world of AI over the past week.

  • IBM, Cisco and NVIDIA stopped selling licenses in the Russian Federation
  • Tesla fired 200 employees from the Autopilot development team.
  • Cruise drones paralyzed for several hours in San Francisco.
  • Niantic will develop a mobile AR-game NBA All-World.
  • Unmanned MayFlower arrived in American Plymouth.
  • The most important transactions in the field of AI.

IBM, Cisco and NVIDIA stopped selling licenses in the Russian Federation

IBM and Cisco have ceased to extend the equipment for the use of equipment in Russia. This will block the activation of new devices, as well as support and maintenance of already used.

According to Vedomosti, the problem will affect the data storage system based on processors on the architecture of IBM Power and Cisco network equipment.

NVIDIA also stopped selling and extending the software licenses in Russia. The restrictions affected the developers of popular cloud gaming services using technical gigante to optimize the work of graphic processors.

In the future, the problem can affect the owners of supercomputers like Yandex and Sberbank.

Tesla reduced autopilot developers

Tesla fired 200 employees from the Autopilot driver development system for active assistance systems. The company also closed the office in San Mateo (USA).

According to Bloomberg, many of the abbreviated employees were engaged in evaluating and marking the autopilot data received from customers. The remaining part of the team of 350 people transferred the company to another office.

Cruise drones paralyzed the movement in San Francisco

More than six robotaxes Cruise blocked the traffic for several hours in San Francisco (USA).

According to TechCrunch, on June 28, 2022, several drones suddenly stopped working in the urban area of ​​Philmore. Cruise officers who arrived for call had to manually move the robokars.

The company apologized for the incident, but did not explain the reasons for this behavior of drones.

The neuro -interface helped paralyzed with the help of a robor

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University presented a neuro interface that helped a paralyzed man with robotic hands.

The developed method based on the general control system minimizes mental efforts to perform tasks. The technology allowed a partially paralyzed person to compare four movements with 12 degrees of freedom of manipulators.

A participant in the study made light gestures with his hands with certain tips of the system like “choose a cut place” so that robots with a fork and a knife are divided and brought it to his mouth. According to scientists, the man was able to eat a dessert in 90 seconds.

In the future, researchers plan to add sensory feedback similar to touch, as well as increase the accuracy and effectiveness North Korea Accused of the system.

Startup tested Ar-Linzes on a person

Mojo Vision has tested contact lenses with a supplemented reality Mojo Lens on a person.

Mojo Lens AR-Linza and its testing. Data: Mojo Vision.

The first tester of the prototype was the head of the company Drew Perkins. He said that he was able to interact with the compass, view images and use telesufler.

The lens has a green monochrome Microled-display with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm with a resolution of 14,000 pixels per inch. The device is equipped with an ARM Core M0 processor and 5-GHC with a radio module with ultrack with a signal delay. The gadget is also equipped with sensors to track the movement of the eye and stabilize the image.

Mojo Lens received a microbatary built into the outer ring, which in the final version of the device will be able to keep the charge all day. Gadget is controlled using eye movements.

The company announced the launch of lenses on other volunteers, http://coin-graph.website/?p=1226 the reviews of which will fall into the commercial version of the product for subsequent licensing and sale.

Unmanned MayFlower arrived in American Plymouth

Mayflower unmanned ship reached the coast of Massachusetts (USA).

Trimaran was tucked into the harbor of Plymouth and moored next to the original Mayflower vessel, on which the Pilgrims crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1620.

According to the developers, now they will study the data and performance of AI systems collected by the drone.

The neural network was taught to play minecraft

Openai engineers taught AI to play minecraft. The neural network can run, swim, bypass obstacles, extract resources, make diamond tools, hunt animals and cook food.

AI-algorithm plays minecraft. Data: Openai.

Researchers have developed a preliminary video training method that allows you to use a large array of unreasonable data. They also trained AI play using mouse emulators and keyboard.

First, engineers showed the neural network 2000 hours of Minecraft marked gameplay, indicating the keys pressed by users. They created an algorithm that predicting clicks, which marked another 70,000 hours of video game from open sources.

Then the researchers asked the gamers participating in the project to create a new world in Minecraft, to collect the necessary resources for the start and make essential items from them. AI trained to create a workbench, make objects and build shelters.

The engineers also used a RL method to train a neural network to make diamond tools.

Niantic and NBA will create an AR game on basketball

Niantic and National Basketball Association (NBA) will create a mobile AR-group NBA All-World. The application will be available to iOS and Android users.

According to Polygon, gamers have to “explore the surroundings” in search of some basketball league stars, including Chris Paul, Stefen Curry and James Harden. Players will be able to change their characters and improve the detachments found in real places with objects.

Also, gamers will allow virtual teams in matches one on one in various real places, including basketball sites.

Enthusiasts combined Wordle and Dall-E Mini into the Wordalle game

HugingFace Projects community have created Wordalle webgiggi. Users need to guess a request for generated AI picture.

Demonstration of the game Wordalle. Data: Huging Face.

The developers combined the Wordle puzzle with the Craiyon neural network (previously Dall-E Mini). Players need to substitute letters in the cells: if it is true and in the right place, the field will become green if the player confused the position of the letter – yellow.

Users are available seven attempts to guess the request generated by the algorithm. You can also skip words.

According to the developers, the requests used in Wordalle are diverse, but easily guessed like “iodine engaged in yoga” or “pug-tako”.

Startup developed a door for pets with a face recognition function

Petvation has developed a door recognition door for pets.

Demonstration of a smart door for pets. Data: Petvation.

The system is equipped with infrared chambers with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and IR sub-lighting, directed down the video oversight and motion sensors. The machine learning algorithm identifies cats and dogs, as well as other animals like raccoons, protein and skunks.

According to Petvation, the system does not require the pet to look into the camera before leaving the room. The engineers also eliminated the risk of pinching the paws or tail of the animal, the company said.

The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week

From June 26 to July 2, 2022, startups in the field of artificial intelligence attracted over $ 230 million. We give the most interesting transactions.

  • Gloat received $ 90 million to support the AI-Marketplace Labor.
  • SpeechMatics raised $ 62 million to expand the inclusive technology for converting speech into text.
  • The creators for the development of Modular and systems have attracted $ 30 million.
  • Mona raised $ 14.6 million for the development of the metavselny platform for 3D engineers.
  • Industrial NEXT received $ 12 million to improve production technologies for electric vehicles.
  • The developers of the Kogniz computer vision platform attracted $ 10 million.
  • AI Squared raised $ 6 million to improve the tools for integrating AI into applications.
  • Heyday received $ 6 million to create knowledge bases from content from the web pages and cloud services viewed.

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